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Feminist.me is one of many websites in the mission to Significantly Improve Humanity. Please share a different solution site or page each week with everyone you know. Do this as often as you can to help create Critical Mass.

Females have a major roll to play in Significantly Improving Humanity.  We can improve the chances for World Peace by having women take over the international leadership positions which endow power to decide whether or not go to war, including those positions of the United Nations and each individual country. Men are programmed to fight while Women are programmed to nurture. This is the first ingredient in the Art of Thought Solutions' World Peace formula at Peace.WeFree.us

Men are the primary cause of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). This permanently damages our future mothers and wives. 1 in 5 girls is sexually abused by age 11 (1 in 4 by age 18). Humanity gets worse with each passing generation, and CSA is the primary reason.  Because women are the nurturing part of mankind. An essential ingredient in making humans. Much like a factory with a broken essential gear, makes less than the best product, so does humanity.  Making inferior quality of humans, naturally gets worse exponentially with each generation since the humans we make today are the ones who make the next generation.

I've written logic based solutions to help end Childhood Sexual Abuse. Please read and share www.Secret911.com.  You can help by texting or emailing this site and all Art of Thought Solutions' sites and pages to others.

Strong women are attractive, and part of the natural ecosystem. Feminists are not. Feminists are the result of men's historical abusive control over women. The most damaging is Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). Historical records show feminism was started as a result of inequality, but after looking at the facts, it's obvious that the show of force by women was fueled mostly from being sexually abused in childhood. This rendition of how and why Women's Liberation was started makes more sense when considering the fact that 1 in 5 girls is sexually abused by age 11, but kept quiet. Feminists were created out of abused women's understandable hate for men.

Feminism is bad for humanity because men and women were made to naturally love and attract each other, not hate or compete. Strong women are not feminists. An example of strong women are Women leaders of Persia.

We must remember what we were like in the past because the effects of what the male gender of our species has done to humanity are not positive. One of those things we need to remember is the best blueprint of what women were like. This is why I posted the link to 'Women leaders of Persia' on the home page of Feminist.me and the link 'Strong women are not feminists' at the top of the page. Feminist.me is one of more than 70 web sites in the Art of Thought Solutions™ WebNet™, see list at Website.Behtaj.com. It was founded by Behtaj Amiri and made part of his greater movement to Significantly Improve Humanity using logic based solutions. The solutions hub is at: www.Behtaj.com - Behtaj can be reached at 424-222-3331.

Strong women are not feminists

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Gipsy Kings - No volvere[Amor Mio] -With Persian Subtitle.

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The Feminist Mindset Ensures an Invidious and Sexist State-Imposed Tyranny
Feminist ideology demands state-impose women-advantaged outcomes throughout society. Its propagandized excuse for this is that men's natural oppression of women and women's easy victimization prevents the state's obligation to secure our unalienable rights and their protections for everyone from allowing women to become empowered. Of course feminism's propaganda omits that state-imposed empowerment denies the fundamental rights (and protections) of men. That's the fraud that state-imposed feminism represents.

No-Fault Divorce Punishes Fathers Without Due Process and Without a Finding of Unfitness
No-fault divorce sets up a legal tyranny against a father because it assigns punishment to him and rewards the mother without allowing him the due process required to protect his rights. Paternity suits do much the same. Here's how and why it happens...

Fingerless Crochet Are Really a Statement of Feminism
Carolina Amato Gloves design Carolina Amato is a identified appurtenance designer who has volunteered a larger set out of gloves, wraps, hats, scarves and other supplements for both men and women Supplements fashioned by Carolina Amato are dealt in gigantic shops and respectable departmental shops sited in US, England, Canada, South Korea and Japan

Feminist 'Greater Good' Legislation Gave Rise to the Divorce and Domestic Violence Industry
Feminist-backed 'greater good' legislation has produced unjust 'excuses' for courts to deprive fathers and other men of their constitutional rights and protections while privileging and benefiting women. This legislation has produced an enormous court order-based industry - the divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI) - that funds itself through extorting fit fathers and taxpayers. It's a parasitic cadre of benefactors.

Women's Rights Are Not Rights But Tyrannical Entitlements and Privileges
In a free society, 'rights' mean the unalienable rights referred to in America's founding document, the Declaration of Independence - the 'unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. Such rights include the right to your property and your parental rights. Government is formed to secure those for each of us.

Great Britain Councillor Stands Against Stalinist Domestic Violence Program
A British councillor, James Williams, won't grovel as most of the cowardly male - and female - politicians do in the face of feminist-based totalitarian and anti-men legislation. He understands what legal protections a free society owes to every citizen and has the guts to speak up against policies that clearly violate those protections. Here's what he fighting against.

Mother Nature and Blood Mysteries
It can be challenging to be a woman in a male dominated society, as is the process of becoming a woman. It’s one thing to acknowledge the creativity of an artist or the architect, but quite another when the very act of creating life is dismissed. And while we may pay lip service to our love of nature, things such as traditions, customs and pre-existing religious practices interfere with an ability to acknowledge or embrace the true nature of woman.

Consciousness of Cultural and Historical Specificities Embedded in Writers' Literary and Cultural Works
An open mind with curiosity and an adventurous spirit coupled. They are the driving forces of creativity Wholesale Jewelry over the years.


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