Feminism is the result of men's historic abuse and control over women.

Females have a major roll to play in Significantly Improving Humanity.  We can improve the chances for World Peace by having women take over the international leadership positions which endow power to decide whether or not go to war, including those positions of the United Nations and each individual country. Men are programmed to fight while Women are programmed to nurture. This is the first ingredient in the Art of Thought Solutions' World Peace formula at Peace.WeFree.us

Men are the primary cause of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). This permanently damages our future mothers and wives. 1 in 5 girls is sexually abused by age 11 (1 in 4 by age 18). Humanity gets worse with each passing generation, and CSA is the primary reason.  Because women are the nurturing part of mankind. An essential ingredient in making humans. Much like a factory with a broken essential gear, makes less than the best product, so does humanity.  Making inferior quality of humans, naturally gets worse exponentially with each generation since the humans we make today are the ones who make the next generation.

I've written logic based solutions to help end Childhood Sexual Abuse. Please read and share www.Secret911.com.  You can help by texting or emailing this site and all Art of Thought Solutions' sites and pages to others.

Strong women are attractive, and part of the natural ecosystem. Feminists are not. Feminism is the result of men's historic abuse and control over women. The most damaging is Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). Historical records show feminism was started as a result of inequality, but after looking at the facts, it's obvious that the show of force by women was fueled mostly from being sexually abused in childhood. This rendition of how and why Feminism was started makes more sense when considering the fact that 1 in 5 girls is sexually abused by age 11, but kept quiet. Feminists were created out of abused women's understandable hate for men.

Feminism has set humanity off kilter. Holding on to it will only make things worse (2 wrongs don't make it right). Feminists have proven their point and have a good percentage of men siding for equal rights. But feminists should heed this warning. They have kept their foot on the accelerator too long and have damaged humanity. Our boys are growing up lacking the normal male traits because our society and our schools have become overly sensitive to the feminists' agenda. We need strong male men to go along with strong feminine women. This is the combination that is healthy and normal. Of-course there is a sliding scale attributed to both sides. But to have feminism continue any longer, we will end up with a soup with too much salt.

That said, the primary cause of feminism has NOT been eliminated. Men's control over women. We must still work to fix it. 1 in 5 girls are still being sexually abused by age 11. This is the epitome of control by men over women. We can fix this and other serious global problems by sharing Art of Thought Solutions™ and helping.

Feminism is bad for humanity because men and women were made to naturally love and attract each other, not hate or compete. Strong women are not feminists, and feminists are not strong women. Examples of strong women follow:

 Women Warriors, Generals, Empresses & Leaders of Persia

We must remember what we were when first created because the effects of what the male gender of our species has done to humanity are not positive. One of those things we need to remember is the best blueprint of what women were. Not feminists, that's for sure. I posted the above video which I've dubbed: ''Women Warriors, Generals, Empresses & Leaders of Persia'' and the link ''Strong women are not feminists'' at the top of the page Feminist.me homepage.

Got Rights?

Humans should have equal rights between them. As you can see I don't even want to say women, I've used the word Humans. Because the argument should not even exist. For any educated person to argue against equal rights, they don't belong on earth. Get it right! Equal Rights. Not Equal. Men and Women are not the same. They shouldn't be. No woman or man would want that.

Men's selfishness has damaged humanity in so many other ways...

...Then put your boots on and help Art of Thought Solutions™ fix it. I don't care if you're a woman or a man. This is our home, it's time to take the trash out. Don't BE the trash!

Get involved today !!

ERA Education Project By Kamala Lopez

Seventy-two percent of Americans believe that the United States Constitution guarantees equality for both men and women. They are shocked to learn that in 2014, it still doesn’t.

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Fathers Are Slaves Under Feminist Family Court's Propaganda Of Responsibility
Fathers are brainwashed into the propaganda spewed by the fathers' rights-denying family court to believe their compliance with family court orders means their taking responsibility for their children. Nothing could be further from the truth...

The Unobscured Tyranny Fathers Face under Family Court Justice
Using unconstitutional excuses of 'best interest of the child' and 'abuse of women', family courts, and at mother's whim, civilly rapes fit father of their rights, their children, and their property, daily. Here's the 'what and why' of it unobscured by propaganda.

Media Ignores Father's Family Court Suicide to Coverup Government's Feminist Tyranny against Fathers
Divorced Father, Tom Ball, 58 years old, wrote a 15 page statement before committing suicide by setting himself on fire on the steps of a New Hampshire family court. It showed how present unconstitutional policies of Family Court influenced by the Violence Against Women Act destroys fathers and hurts children and some women too - and that men should stand against this virtual war on fathers. The PC media has ignored this news, for which Tom sacrificed his life, to cover up the court injustice that affects every father and family across this country.

Will You Be Parent One, Parent Two, or, Perhaps, Parent Three?
The new passport application for minors doesn't require the father's and mother's name any more; it now requires the name of parent 1 and parent 2. This 'word garbage' of feminist-promoted 'correctness' helps to destroy the heterosexual family - the basic unit of society. This nonsense hides the truth.

A Feminist Critique of The Movie "China Town'
Copyright (c) 2013 Morgan D

Gender role - Flange - Gate Valve
Talcott Parson's view of gender roles Working in the United States, Talcott Parsons developed a model of the nuclear family in 1955. (At that place and time, the nuclear family was the prevalent family structure.) It compared a strictly traditional view of gender roles (from an industrial-age American perspective) to a more liberal view. The Parsons model was used to contrast and illustrate extreme positions on gender roles. Model A describes total separation of male and female roles, while Model B describes the complete dissolution between gender roles. (The examples are based on the context of the culture and infrastructure of the United States.) Model A - Total role segregation Model B - Total integration of roles Education Gender-specif ...

Feminist 'Greater Good' Excuses Deny Constitutional Rights of Fathers in Family Court
Family Court unjustly uses the 'greater good' excuse of 'best interest of the child' to override constitutional rights and protections of overwhelmingly fathers. Its setup and use of the greater good 'abuse' excuse, too, shows it has no interest in protecting a father's rights but to deny him his children and extort his earnings for the best interest of the mother.

Judge And Lawyer Prejudices Against Fathers Facing A Family Court Trial
A cadre of state-based and affiliated people and organizations rack up benefits, power, or fulfil their agenda by maintaining unconstitutional perversion of justice in the family court that assures easy denial of parental and other fundamental rights - overwhelmingly to fathers. Judges and lawyers are no exception to such unconstitutional prejudices. Fathers in their trial must be aware of this to better protect their interests. Here's why those prejudices are always present...

Feminism is the result of men's historic abuse and control over women.
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